The false space and time of the apartment (2019)

Film, sound


The False Space and Time of the Apartment is a project exploring the unknown of the apartment as the uncanny. The apartment is a space we all know, a space that is familiar to all of us. Which could also be replaced by the word home or house. It is the space most familiar to us, yet a strangeness presents itself there. The videos explore that strangeness.

‘Freud was perhaps the first to foreground the distinctive nature of the uncanny as a feeling of something not simply weird or mysterious but, more specifically, as something strangely familiar.’ (Royle, 2003, vii)

To achieve that multiple different images are presented together, that all show something that could be a part of the apartment. Yet we are uncertain whether all of these are present in the same space. A strange hallway, a ceiling light and a partial of a bed in the corner with a weird item hanging on the wall above it. Yet nothing really happens in these images, they are seemingly still with the exception of the hallway. In this nothingness, in this unknown we find a notion of the uncanny.

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