Questions, Memory, Tree (2021)

Questions, Memory, Tree uses windows as a medium of story telling. A window exists between the in and outside, offering a glimpse out as well as inside. The reflection in the window challenges this, giving us a clue about what is going on on either side. Combined with text the video explores uncertainties and that what is unknown to us.

The false space and time of the apartment (2019)

‘The False Space and Time of The Apartment’ is a project exploring the unknown of the apartment as the uncanny. The apartment is a space we all know, a space that is familiar to all of us. Which could also be replaced by the word home or house. It is the space most familiar to us, yet a strangeness presents itself there. The videos explore that strangeness.

'not in the sense you mean' (2019)

‘Not in the sense you mean.’ is a project exploring the uncanny through film, written and spoken word. It uses film as an almost perfectly still image, which together with the silence that surrounds it creates an unsettling experience. Which is only amplified by the long low lit entrance that precedes it.

since I went and did that thing (2019)

'Since I went and did that thing' is the result of a 2 week residency at De Fabriek Eindhoven. During the residency I experimented with the creation of a film set as the base of an installation. The installation surrounds a video shown of a daunting hallway.

what's my name? (2018)

‘What’s my name?’ is a research about the performativity of a spoken word performance through film.

rhythm (2018)

'‘Rhythm’ is the result is of a weeklong workshop on rhythm and repetition.

It is a performative spoken word video where parts from different texts get connected into something new, while the person reciting this visibly struggles with the weight of the mdf board.